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Fighters Ring OVAL Bulk

Fighters Ring OVAL Bulk

Strong Oval ring for Big Game,
Made of special metal wire "HERCULEE"

Bulk 32 pieces/package is new arrival!    

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【High strength】
As both sides of the double wire ring always receive tension due to the oval shape,

the strength is almost twice as strong as a normal round split ring.

【Hard to deform】
As the material is both flexible and durable, there is no gap after opening it with fishing pliers.

【Improve the action】
It creates enough space between the lure and the hooks, helping the lure move well.



Code Item Weight Strength
631-463 Fighters Ring OVAL #5 Bulk Approx. 0.33g 150lb
631-470 Fighters Ring OVAL #6 Bulk Approx. 0.4g 185lb
631-487 Fighters Ring OVAL #7 Bulk Approx. 0.7g 240lb
631-494 Fighters Ring OVAL #8 Bulk Approx. 0.8g 240lb
631-500 Fighters Ring OVAL #9 Bulk

Approx. 0.85g