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Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection Policy
Date of enactment : Dec 21st, 2008
Last revised : Feb 24th, 2010

Yamaria Corporation (hereon deemed “Our company”) vows to handle with appropriate courtesy any information capable of distinguishing the individual such as names, addresses and e-mail addresses (hereon deemed “Personal Data”). Our company recognizes this as our corporate responsibility of business, proceeding with the implementation of the following initiatives.
1. Legal Compliance
Upon handling personal information, we abide by relevant laws and internal regulations concerning the protection of personal data.
2.Collection of Personal Data
Upon the gathering of personal data of our customers, we gather only within our limitations, having given notice to the customer of the purpose use and having contacted the customer with the proper information centers of our company.
3.Proper management of Personal Data
Concerning our customers’ personal data, we ensure the latest state and take preventive measures against unauthorized access to the personal data, loss, damage, falsification and disclosure.
4.Third Party Restrictions
Without the exceptional case of separate legal provisions, our company will not disclose or provide the personal data of our customers without the customer’s consent.
5.Supervision of Contractors
In the event of entrusting our customers’ personal data to a third party, our company will adequately supervise the secure information management under the confidentiality agreement with the contractor.
6.Requests for Disclosure of Personal Data etc.
When our representative office has been contacted, our company will promptly respond to a reasonable extent to the disclosure, correction, deletion and cessation of use concerning your personal data, with the exception of exceptional cases with legal provisions.
7.Ensuring the Safety Management System
With the initiative for company-wide reassurance of the protection of our customers’ personal data, our company has established an Information Security Committee, along with the anointing of manager responsible for the personal data department, and we will continue to conduct further education and awareness for employees.
8.Continuous Improvement
Taking into account changes in the development in information technology and social demands, our company will continuously review measures and strive for improvement in personal data protection and management system.

Date of enactment : Dec 21st, 2008
Last revised : Feb 24th, 2010

Our company will respect your personal data for the following projects, and handle within the necessary scope of accomplishment

1.Business Description
(1)Sales of fishing tackle focused on the general consumer and services directed to corporations.
(2)Other businesses associated incidentally with the proceeding.

2.Purpose of Use
(1)For registration for products and services
(2)For provision of products and services
(3)To confirm the eligibility and identity of the user of our products and services.
(4)For market survey and data analysis for research and development of new products and services.
(5)For the sending of Direct Mail and to inform our customers about products and services of our company and affiliating companies.
(6)For the overall purpose to fulfill proper and smooth transactions with our customers.
(7)For contact to recruited personnel and the shipping of documents. 

Inquiries Regarding the Handling of Personal Data
To make an inquiry concerning the handling of personal data, please go to Contact Us and send in your questions