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Squid bite the baitfish and hold EGI longer, so that you can catch squid more easily without common EGING technique.

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What is "MOGUMOGU" ??

The second edition of "eginno" series. It's the "eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH".
The normal squid fishing depends on the angler's skill. But eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH is a unique squid jig that we can attach real bait.
The attached real bait helps the squid hold on to the jig longer and tightly. So everybody can catch squid easily.

Function and feature

【EGI + baitfish】
"Due to attach real bait, squid bite the baitfish and hold EGI longer", you can catch squid easily !!

How to attach the baitfish

Attach a bait fish on the back plate of MOGUMOGU SEARCH, and fix by rubber band "ESATTO band".


It is simple and easy !!

  • Cast and let it sink to bottoms. (Sinking speed : Approx. 2.8 sec / m)
  • Jerk widely onece and wait for about 10 sec. (Repeat this action)
  • If you feel the weight of something, hooking with jerking action.

Where we can catch the squid ??

Basically, squid is moving around all day to eat baitfish, they eat a lot. So at first, we need to find baitfish, such as shrimp, sardine, mackerel and other small fish.

There are so many species of squid

We can catch variety of squid each seasons, area, all over the world !!

In Japan, "Bigfin reef squid" and "Cuttlefish" are common, main target.

Calamari are also main target, we often catch them at night time.


Size 3.2
Weight 20g
Sinking Speed Approx. 2.8 sec / m *Withon bait fish
  • 001 490G

  • 002 GLM

  • 003 KMP

  • 004 KMB

  • 005 KMK

  • 006 KMR


*Scroll across for more

Code Item Size / Color Cloth type

Body color or

Under tape (foil) color

Size Weight

Sinking speed

(Withon bait fish)

611-892 eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH 3.2 001 490G La-me 490GLOW body 3.2 20g Approx. 2.8 sec / m
611-908 eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH 3.2 002 GLM La-me 490GLOW body 3.2 20g Approx. 2.8 sec / m
611-915 eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH 3.2 003 KMP La-me Keimura body 3.2 20g Approx. 2.8 sec / m
611-922 eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH 3.2 004 KMB La-me Keimura body 3.2 20g Approx. 2.8 sec / m
611-939 eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH 3.2 005 KMK La-me Keimura body + Silver tape 3.2 20g Approx. 2.8 sec / m
611-946 eginno MOGUMOGU SEARCH 3.2 006 KMR La-me Keimura body + Red tape 3.2 20g Approx. 2.8 sec / m