MS-1 D45SP

MS-1 D45SP


The Maria Shad at 45mm and 3.4g has a strong flashing apeal from its fat, flat sided body. It has a strong range of actions including
twitching, rolling, walk the dog etc. The twitching action is especially important around tight feeling zones like structure.
It responds to a wide range of retrieve speeds from slow to fast and has a low tone rattle sound. The suspending body will stay in the
zone and has a paused nose down posture of about 45 degrees giving the lure instant action with every subtle line twitch.


color AYG color BBH color BBOM
color BGM color BSG color GBOH
color PCC color PIOC color WSG
color CBOM color RGH color BLH
color HTM color RBC color SSG


Size 45mm
Weight 3.4g
Depth 1.5m
Type Salt water / Slow Floating
Fresh Water / Suspending
Ring size #1
Hook size ST36BC #12
Action Fine Wobbling