MJ TwitchDD

MJ TwitchDD


These Jerk Baits have been adjusted to Suspend in the water and can dive to around 2.0-2.5m from the surface. The suspending body will hang in the water tempting fish to strike and promotes territorial strikes. This is also a bonus when targeting nervous or pressured retrieve. But as an effective way to catch your target species we recommend a sharp jerking action. Your lure will move quickly from side to side and irregularly. This also causes a strong flashing appeal from the side of the lure. The lures weight moving system as follows you to cast them far into the distance. The suspending models are fitted with blue eyes.



MJ Twitch DD 70SP MJ Twitch DD 90SP
Size 70mm 90mm
Weight 7.0g 12.5g
Depth 2.0m 2.5m
Type Suspending Suspending
Ring size #2 #2
Hook size #8 #6
Action Vivid Wobbling Vivid Wobbling