MC-1 38SSR

MC-1 38SSR


The MC-1 series is available in 3 diving depths (deep, shallow and super shallow) allwing you to select the suitable depth depending on the situation and they are ideal search bait, it casts long and swims true even with a fast retreive.
The MC-1 Super Shallow will dive up to 80cm depending on the the angle of your rod tip or retrieve speed. Ideal as a search bait on the flats or shallows.
With increased speed the strong wobble and roll action is enhanced attracting reaction strikes.
Fitted with low internal rattles to call in shy fish and Owner trebles.


color AYG color BBH
color BBOM color BGM
color BLH color BSG
color CBOM color GBOH
color HTM color PCC
color PIOC color RBC
color RGH color SSG
color WSG color AGSC
color BRHSG color CTM
color GSC color MCG
color PCP color RTM
color SOLG color VGG
color WP


Size 38mm
Weight 4.2g
Depth 0.8m
Type  Floating 
Ring size #1
Hook size ST36BC #12
Action Wide Wobbling